A couple of different finds.

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    • Did a tot lot and a couple of small beaches.But, not too early 5:30 am start.Got off to a great start in the tot lot both of us did fairly well.Then on to the first beach and I got a couple of surprises Yay I got a 1935 silver quarter and a worn 1880 Victorian penny.        I almost did a silly dance. Then I had a much better clad count than I've had in recent hunts.Onto the next beach and I got zilch but Eileen did the business on that one.First pics are the silver quarter and Vikki penny.

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      Those are amazing finds. Congrats -I'm going to have to stop fishing and get out there. Good post Ian

    • congrats guys,  always nice to find silver and older coins. 

    • Thanks guys.I still think there are a lot of idiots out there who can't pin point to save their lives.It's even worse when their determined to dig to China.  ???The holes are getting bigger and wider and they just can't work without a spade.  >:( >:(These folks are needing to be taught a lot of lessons.

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      I think some of them have been watching the detector shows on TV and think that is the only way to hunt. No skill at all – just get a backhoe if you need a bigger hole.  Bad enough on the beach to leave holes but to tear up a public park is unforgivable. Many places are off limit to detectors because of a few slobs.

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      Wow!  Cool finding a US silver quarter in your neck of the woods, Ian!

    • Wow!  Cool finding a US silver quarter in your neck of the woods, Ian!

      I can tell you it was a great thrill to find it. 8) 8)It wasn't even deep, 4 inches. Although the sand level was pretty low.I'd say it was about 3 yards lower than the norm.I was delighted to find that silver quarter.

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