A wee boost after a poor month.

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    • We've been struggling to get out this month, and when we did there wasn't much to find.Very early this morning, we decided to go tot lot raiding, even after a forecast of rain.Well, it didn't rain. After doing 4 tot lots we thought we had a fairly respectable total, because others had turned them into what almost seemed like ploughed fields.After scanning a few of their holes, I realised they weren't so hot on pin pointing, got a few targets just at the side of their holes and didn't even bother with the pro pointer.Nothing particularly excitin' so no pics it's only clad.Our total came to £21:48 = $36:08.  8) 8) 8) 8) 8)But it certainly made us feel better after a poor month so far.

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      Very nice!  I  hope to give you some competition soon, Ian.  My retirement day is getting closer!

    • I bet it can't come quick enough.We're now only 50% down on last April's total.Fortunately January, February and March were up on last year's.

    • Congrats on the finds the totals seem fine here you might get a penny at a tot lot

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      The amount you find always amazes me. We don't even come close. A 5$ day is considered really good around here. 

    • With the price of fuel here we need every £ we can get.Our fuel at the moment is £6:07 = $10:22 per gal.Yeah, we really would be struggling without our tot lots.Of course the older ones go in at night and drink and get careless with their money.We could do with a spell of hot weather to help us along too.

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