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    • just wondering what you guys think about after market coils.  Overall are they worth the money?  NEL seems to be popular right now.  Common sense tells me that the detector manufacture would know more about what is best on their machines.  could be wrong, would not be the first time.

    • Our Fisher F70s are teamed up with the NEL Hunter coils.That's the 9.5" X 12.5".We mostly like them because of the sturdier build,especially the lugs where the bolt goes thru and the location of the lugs.On the original Fisher DD coil they're at the back of the coil and their so very thin one of the lugs snapped off.Whereas the NEL lugs are much thicker and located in the centre of the coil which helps the balance overall.We're quite happy with the depth, it goes to about 14 inches depending on conditions and settings.We'll never go back to the Fisher coils again.Off course what's right for us might not be right for someone else.

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      You know, that's one thing I've not experimented with is after market coils.  I've seen a lot of folks very happy with theirs for Minelab and First Texas machines (Teks and Fishers).  I can't remember the specific coil, but someone was reporting remarkable depth using a large NEL or SEF (I think that's right) coil and an Omega recently.

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        I use a Excelerator DD 7×5 on my Pro SE for close hunts around trees and such. I lose a little depth but crank up the sensitivity in some places to compensate.  Just tried to find the paper work to see if Mine Lab puts this on the market? I think I bought it through Kellyco but either way it matches my machine and does what I expected

    • I just put a NEL Sharpshooter on my F2 to try it out. It's kind of large for a “sharp shooter” (9.5 X 5.5 DD). But it is built better than the Fisher coils, IMO. Seem sturdier, the cord seems of a higher grade, and the plastic is light but strong. Even the design gives you a little U area where the two Ds meet where the PP has the target residing every time. And as noted above, even the bolt that comes with it seems easier to tighten and better than the stock Fisher bolt.I'm pleased with the build for the money on the NELs. It's just that for the F2 it's not a depth demon as it appears on other machines. Of course, what do you expect from a "sharp shooter"? I get signal on a buried quarter at about 8-9" in disc. But I can ID it on it's back at about 6-7". The stock 8" concentric did a little better by an inch or two.But I have only A/B them once. So, only having the F2 for about a week or so, I'm still playing and don't take my findings as what others may say that have been using them longer.   

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