All nighter Tue n Wed

As we've been gettin' really high temps here for a couple of weeks now up to 26c.  8) 8) Decided to have an all nighter Tee shirt hunt.  We left the house at 7:30pm and didn't get home 'till 10:00am.First beach was a city beach and it had been exceptionally busy throughout the day.We seemed to have a struggle on our hands having difficulty finding any hotspots.The finds were very few and far between, but we spent the bulk of the night on that particular beach.Overall it was a bit disappointing find wise but we enjoyed the cool of the night.Next we tried a smaller trash beach and it was better for us both.On the way home we decided to do a small resort beach and it went great for us there.When we finished we stopped for our usual picnic, but as I was holding a hot cup of coffee didn't I momentarily fall asleep and spilled it all over my trousers (pants to you LOL) it certainly woke me up.When we eventually got home had a quick count up before going to bed, we got a nice surprise with our total.£34:85 = $59:37. I didn't wake up till 6:00 pm, the money is still being cleaned yet.My wallet should be a bit heavier tomorrow.  ;) ;)