An all day hunt on Friday and busk today.

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    • We started hunting at 10:00 did two beaches.The first beach looked busy but the sand was wet and no-one was sitting down or playing at anything.They were all just out for walks.It was a real poor hunt by our standards.Our total for 7 hours was pathetic at £3:38 = $5:44.Today was a bit different went out for a busk to landmark village only about 20 miles from home.The weather forecast was a bit iffy, unfortunately it was a bit windy and we had short quick very heavy showers, 4 in all for the day.Consequently I wasn't playing for some considerable time, as the organ had been flooded a couple of times and I had to spend about an hour drying everything out with paper hankiesIn between we had brilliant sunshine which generated a good heat and helped the drying process.My take for the day came to £45:10 = $72:58

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        Looks like busking pays better  😀 Our car is packed and if things work out should be on the beach by Monday night. If I can get web service will post some pics. Haven't done much detecting this summer so hoping the beach isn't as clean as they have been posting. Either way – Miss Mary and I just need some quiet time.

    • At last your on your way tink.I wish you both a safe and happy journey.Have a great holiday and spend a lorra lorra, time on the beach.I'm relying on you two to come up with some really good finds and posts.Good luck tink and Miss Mary. (Have fun)

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      I still think busking would be a fun hobby. 

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        Well we are here at the beach. I have net so should be able to keep in touch. They put a lot of sand on this beach last winter so it looks huge right now.  probably will start out with the Pro SE with high sensitivity just to get a feel of what is out there. Will kep you posted  ;D

    • Great tink.Just go for it and keep posting pics.I get the impression from your description that the beach could be sanded in.Which means any targets are gonna be real deep.That shouldn't be a problem with the Pro SE.Good luck tink. 8) 8)

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