An all day hunt on Friday and busk today.

We started hunting at 10:00 did two beaches.The first beach looked busy but the sand was wet and no-one was sitting down or playing at anything.They were all just out for walks.It was a real poor hunt by our standards.Our total for 7 hours was pathetic at £3:38 = $5:44.Today was a bit different went out for a busk to landmark village only about 20 miles from home.The weather forecast was a bit iffy, unfortunately it was a bit windy and we had short quick very heavy showers, 4 in all for the day.Consequently I wasn't playing for some considerable time, as the organ had been flooded a couple of times and I had to spend about an hour drying everything out with paper hankiesIn between we had brilliant sunshine which generated a good heat and helped the drying process.My take for the day came to £45:10 = $72:58