an observation I made

yesterday while flipping thru the July issue of Western and Eastern.  Had a few hrs. to kill while a hitch was being put on my SUV so I grabbed the mag that I forgot I had and just rediscovered.  As is my custom I flipped thru the whole issue before reading anything and it hit me that I did not see an ad by Tesoro.  I flipped thru it several times to make sure and still did not see an ad by them ( now if you find one I will feel like a fool posting this)What's the be deal you may ask.  well for a few yrs. now (on another forum) people have been questioning Tesoro's solvency.  They bring up things like all Tesoro does is repackage detectors etc.  with the added pressure of new brands from Europe etc. I have to wonder if Tesoro can compete.  I hope I am off base as I like Tesoro, always have.  I'd like to think that the lack of an ad was not because they are hard up for $ but instead are saving their $ for promoting a new machine they are about to come out with.  Now that would be great.I like supporting a family operation and will do so as often as I can.