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    • does any one use the AT PRO in salt water? and is it water proof like garret says it is?

    • Hello sorry to say I have never used it in salt water heard it works ok. Yes they are waterproof to 10 feet watch the headphones the land ones will work but don't get them wet, They do sell water phones for themWatch the gasket on the battery compartmentHappy Hunting Steve -

    • I don't use the AT Pro.But, from what I've read about it do not submerge the control box using normal headphones.You must have the water headphones since I believe there is a special gasket fitted to the control box headphone plug.Most of the water hunters use silicone grease on the battery box gasket.So in effect I totally agree with steveo. ;D ;D

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      I have seen quite a few in use on the salt water beaches. Never saw anyone go in deep with them but did hit the water. Didn't seem to have any problem. I believe I would lean toward the CZ21 if I picked another one up.

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      Yes, works pretty good in the wet sand (saltwater).  Not as deep on NC beaches as a multi frequency machine like a CZ, Sov, White's DFX/V3i, Explorer, etc.  It is REALLY good in the dry sand though.Yes, waterproof up to the headphones (unless you've got the underwater phones...then up to 10 feet).Good solid detector.  I've never found a single frequency detector as deep in the wet, salty sand as a multiple frequency machine.  Freshwater is a different story though!

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