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    • thinning out the herd. I have ten or so detectors that I call mine own although some do double duty and are used as demo detectors.  I think about doing this on and off but in truth never seem to act as I have a hard time parting with them.  In all the yrs and # of detectors I have had I can think of only one I could not stand.  It was by Fisher and called EDGESeems like the first part of our lives we collect things and as we get older we get back to basics and get ride of stuff. 

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      Oh yeah…the ID Edge.  Seems like it was built from Coinstrike technology.  I never used one  of 'em.  I'm like you though…I have a herd and can't bring myself to thin them!  I've been blessed in the past to do some field testing and like to keep them for comparisons too.

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      I have been thinning down by giving some away to guys I hunted with in NC,  I also gave a Tesoro and a 3000 to my greatgrand kids here . I had plans on picking up a CZ21 but at my age didn't want to spring for a new one. The ones I have are good machines and cover most any hunt I will be getting into.  I think I am down to 6  😀

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      Hey Nickelpicker, here's post at Findmall looking for an Edge.  I don't know if they found one yet.,2008354

    • Hey Mark I no longer have that detector. I should mention that while I called it Edge my records say it was an ID Excel. I think it was for the most part the same machine.  Here is a list of detectors that have come and gone over the yrs.  White's IDX Pro, XLT, Surfmaster PI, Surfmaster PI Pro, Beach Hunter ID, Prism V,  Fisher 1280, CZ20, ID Excel, F-75  Tesoro Toltec II, Sidewinder, Stingray II, Tejon, Deleon  Garrett  GTA 1000,  Bounty Hunter Quick Draw  and a Compass model ?  Wish I still had the Toltec II and XLT

    • Hey np,that's a whole load of machines.Readin' between the lines I'd say ya were a very experienced MD'ist.Ya must'a' been at it for a great number of years,and I didn't think ya were old enough, the way ya moved around in that RV and the kayaks too.I salute you M8. ;D ;D

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      Nice variety, there NP!  I wish I still had my Toltec 100.  A really cool machine with accurate meter.  I also miss my old Nautilus 2b sometimes.I enjoy detecting technology and machines almost as much as I do takes all sorts, I reckon!.

    • Wow you have had a lot of machines. Yes the XLT was and is a good machine.One I wish I still had was my Excalibur. I guess I will just have to get used to the CTX 3030

    • Always wanted an Excalibur, hear they are the cats meow. Never got one because of the cost, just don't do that much water hunting to justify the cost.  For the amount of water hunting I do my Headhunter Wader gets it done.

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      The Excal is definitely a good salt water machine. They compare to the Sov. GT so I can't really justify getting one because I don't go in that deep so hip mount my Gt and hunt the surf.  I just can't hunt in heavy rain and have to be careful i don't get knocked down by a wave  😀

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