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    • For $90, the Deteknix XPointer is absolutely awesome. Will not false AT ALL. Strong, well made and deep for a PI. Check the youtube video's comparing it to Garrett or Minelab.Love it over anything I've used.

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      Cool!  Thanks for the report.  Does it seem to be pretty durable too?

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        I have the Vulcan 360 – How do they compare?

    • I have been using a TX2002 and of course I have a BH/Fisher pinpointer that has to actually touch the metal before it detects it. ::) Check this out. it as good as a Garrett Propointer?

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        Good comparison video. I'll have to try a similar test with my 360. it seems to be quite sensitive but I never really measured it.

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      Interesting!  I love my Propointer…this one will have to be good to knock it off the throne.

    • Going by the video reviews,it looks like a good one.The price is right as well, that alone will sell it. 8) 8)

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