calling it a yr.

The weather was nasty but because it was my last chance to get out this year I braved it and went for it.  Realized I had not found any bling this season and wanted to see if I could turn up some gold or at least some silver.  Was going to use the Omega but because everything was wet from last night and the chance of more rain I switched to the AT Pro.  Long story short, finding bling this yr. was not in the cards for me.  Ended up with 25 Quarters, 5 dimes, 2 nickels, 3 pennies for my two hours out.  Ended the yr. with a sliver count of 6 best being  two seated dimes.  nothing to write home about but hope to have more time in the new yr. as I will be giving up one of my jobs.  Hope your season was better and wishing you all happy hunting next yr.