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    • The weather was nasty but because it was my last chance to get out this year I braved it and went for it.  Realized I had not found any bling this season and wanted to see if I could turn up some gold or at least some silver.  Was going to use the Omega but because everything was wet from last night and the chance of more rain I switched to the AT Pro.  Long story short, finding bling this yr. was not in the cards for me.  Ended up with 25 Quarters, 5 dimes, 2 nickels, 3 pennies for my two hours out.  Ended the yr. with a sliver count of 6 best being  two seated dimes.  nothing to write home about but hope to have more time in the new yr. as I will be giving up one of my jobs.  Hope your season was better and wishing you all happy hunting next yr.

    • well I think you did really well for a couple hrs. I didn't get any diamonds till 3 weeks ago 2 in one day returned the wedding engagement ring with 13 diamonds. Did not find the owner for the mans gold 3 diamond ring found 5 rings in 2 hrs it was a campground swimming pond that just got drained everything is froze for a couple months now maybe next year will be good if I can get back there before it fills upGood hunt

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      Still sounds like a good year, NP.  I like the old coins more than jewelry (even high dollar stuff!) so good job!I have not hunted this year like I planned.  I've had some pretty epic life events unfold in 2014...good and bad.  I am praying for a smoother and calmer New Year to let me pursue some fun stuff.  We are still unseasonalbly warm around here...and I have a fellow detectorist nearby wanting to get out and swing a coil, so maybe this week?

    • Hey np,that was a great 2 hour hunt ya had there.How I wish we could pick up that many coins in a couple of hours. Jewelry was thin on the ground here as well,I guess the public are wising up to going to the beach with good bling, and the youngsters are not so prone to partying on the beaches now.Too many of them are playing computer games at home.Which makes it tough for us.Credit cards ain't helpin' much either.

    • Thanks guys,  I normally don't get that many quarters but decided to pass on any dime signals my thinking being that as long as quarters are plentiful just go ahead and cherry pick them.  I could have had a many, many dimes but felt that in the time I was spending digging dimes I could be finding quarters.  In the end the clad count may have balanced out no matter which way I decided to dig but at least by digging quarters I know these old knees did not have to work as hard.

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        Great hunt to finish the year – makes my 1 nickel and 1 cub scout pin look pretty weak  ???Actually my whole year was pretty slow. Heat and bugs held me down during our detecting season up here.. My age is against me for hunting in hot weather any more.  Found some silver, some older coppers but no bling. Beach hunt produced the one nice watch I posted in November and some 925 rings.  Turning cold again now so probably done until mid March at the soonest. My second hobby will take over now. Tying trout flies and fishing them  ;D

    • Well, y'all did bettern me. Through the warmest time couldn.t hunt a lot due to heart attack (wife's), but did get in some good time around Sept on. Not a lot in good finds though. (don't know whether to blame it on global warming or Obama). >:(So here's to a great 2015, and Happy New Year to you all.P-Man

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