DetectorPro has a new set of headphones

They are called Treasure Ears. I just ordered a pair. DetectorPro makes excellent headphones like the Black Widow and Grey Ghost. But this new set is lighter, yet is to be held in DPs same standards. Cost? $49.95 MSRP. I bought mine from a MD dealer on EBay for $44.95 shipping included.As with my LRP and QDP detectors, I'm into light and simple, yet powerful and professional. Hopefully they will compliment my arsenal better than the $25 cheapies, that I never use due to discomfort, weight and terrible sound. TreasureEarsHeadphones.jpgTreasure EarsTM stereo headphones were designed to accommodate the detectorist who desires a lightweight comfortable headphone with a price point below our professional grade phones.Technical Specifications:    Designed in the U.S.A.    Excellent sound quality for metal detecting    Separate volume control for each ear    Comfortable lightweight design    Adjustable headband with Stainless Steel frame    Coiled cord for easy extension    1/4" right-angle plug    Built with quality materials    Speakers designed for maximum sensitivity    Power Output: 100 milli-watts    Impedance: 32 Ohms    Sensitivity: 105 db    Cord Length: 6 ft. (extended)    Backed by a 1 Year Warranty