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    • They are called Treasure Ears. I just ordered a pair. DetectorPro makes excellent headphones like the Black Widow and Grey Ghost. But this new set is lighter, yet is to be held in DPs same standards. Cost? $49.95 MSRP. I bought mine from a MD dealer on EBay for $44.95 shipping included.As with my LRP and QDP detectors, I'm into light and simple, yet powerful and professional. Hopefully they will compliment my arsenal better than the $25 cheapies, that I never use due to discomfort, weight and terrible sound. TreasureEarsHeadphones.jpgTreasure EarsTM stereo headphones were designed to accommodate the detectorist who desires a lightweight comfortable headphone with a price point below our professional grade phones.Technical Specifications:    Designed in the U.S.A.    Excellent sound quality for metal detecting    Separate volume control for each ear    Comfortable lightweight design    Adjustable headband with Stainless Steel frame    Coiled cord for easy extension    1/4" right-angle plug    Built with quality materials    Speakers designed for maximum sensitivity    Power Output: 100 milli-watts    Impedance: 32 Ohms    Sensitivity: 105 db    Cord Length: 6 ft. (extended)    Backed by a 1 Year Warranty

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      Cool!  test 'em out and write us a review!

    • You get what you pay for. Not bad, not the best.First, they are very light. When wearing them, you can barely feel them. The ears pads do not squeeze your head like it's trying to pop it. They sit comfortabley "on" the ears. The only drawback is that the ear cups do not turn to match any angle your ears may produce.Second, they do not isolate outside sounds. The ear cups are a mesh with foam filling. The mesh allows outside surrounding noise to be heard easily. This may be an advantage if you wish to converse while hunting, or if someone yells at you from a distance. But you in no way feel you have cut out the outside world, so to speak.Thirdly the sounds from the detector are clear a crisp. Sounding as well as my Killer Bees used to. The main drawback on the ears cuffs is the volume control. The know is the large center peice you see in the pic, with little ridges and an indentation to place a finger. If you wear gloves, the volume is close it impossible to adjust. It doesn't move easily to begin with, and one must use a tight thumb and forfinger to push down and turn it as t only sticks up 1/8 of an inch above the actual earcup. Also, the wires coming off of the head strap to the earcups may bother some. A tiny thin coiled wire that looks like if you accidentally caught it on something, might break easier than most.Even after critiquing them, I do like them. They are more comfortable than my Treasure Wise and Bounty Hunter, but not as comfortable on the ears as my Killer Bees (though the Treasure Ears are much lighter and deserves kudos for what they provide in such a light package).

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      Great info…thanks!  I like the way they look and how you describe them.  Sometimes I like to hear a little outside sound for safety reasons.  Call me paranoid, but I don't like it when folks sneak up on me when I'm hunting!

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