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      My Wife and I took a short weekend trip to a place here in NC called “White Lake”.  It was formed when a meteorite struck the earth a long, long time ago.  The lake is fed by underground springs and has beautiful white sand all around…very nice vacation spot.  I took the AT Pro and did some wading yesterday…found several coins, of course, and the usual junk finds.  The highlight was retrieving a silver cross with gold chain necklace for a young man who had lost it.  Always fun to help folks out!  Good PR for the hobby, too.  I would have hunted more but was fighting some sort of virus on Sat. night....(always hit at the worst times, don't they!)The AT Pro is a PERFECT freshwater hunter!  Did great and hit hard on signals in the lake.  I definitely need a longer scoop if I'm going to do this again!

    • White Lake sounds like a beautiful place to spend a weekend.We would have taken our detectors too.It was nice of ya to help the young lad out by finding his cross and chain. Thanks for keeping up our good reputation Mark.Sorry your hunting was curtailed a bit by not feeling well,maybe it was something you ate?I'm glad ya had a good time with the AT Pro.Ya must do it again sometime, sooner rather than later. 8) 8)

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      Hey! That brings back a lot of memories. I stayed at White Lake while working on a power house in Elisabethtown back in 1985. Had a 6000D White that I hunted around the park there. Beautiful little spot.

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