Eileen’s birthday hunt.

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    • Although her birthday was on Friday past.Well it was a big hunt, we left home at 2am and got back home at about 4:30pm.A 2 hour drive each way.Had dinner and fell asleep.It worked out good for us as it turned into a very nice day weather and find wise.Our joint total was our highest of the year so far and came to £24:47 = $40:39.

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      WOW! Now I am envious. We are still froze in but the week ahead looks pretty good. It will take some really warm weather to knock the frost out of the ground.  You have a nice bunch of coins there. I will post my first hunt regardless what I find. Even the guys who boil sap for syrup have not started yet this year. We are running about a month behind. It was still below zero F yesterday morn. 9 F this morn.

    • Hey, I forgot ta say the smiley thing at the bottom centreis a supermarket trolley token.They're the same size as our pound coins.I hope you manage to get out for a hunt soon tink.It's no fun hangin' around the house and no hunting. :'( :'(

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      Happy Birthday to the Mrs.!  I can't think of a better way to spend the day!  ;D

    • Thanks guys, much appreciated.I had a big problem with my organ yesterday.It had started to squeak on every rotation of the crank,on a complete stripdown yesterday I found a dried up con rod bearing.So I removed the bearing and leaving the organ stripped down in the kitchen decided to go get a new one made.But when I went out a stupid idiot of a driver had parked across my driveway. Holding me up for half an hour.I eventually got a couple of new bearings keeping one for a spare.Which made our dinner late by about 1 1/2 hours thanks to the idiot.At least it's fixed now and ready to go. 🙂 🙂

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      WOW! I guess every part of the world has inconsiderate people. Blocking someone in can get you shot in some of the places around here  ???  Happy Birthday to the Mrs from this household also

    • Happy Birthday and congrats on a great hunt

    • Thanks Mark, Tink and Steve for the birthday wishes. 🙂 🙂

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