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    • Hi Guys, I used the Advance Smart screen and made up this program in the learn mode. I used 3 gold rings one white gold ear rings about 15 silver rings U.S. coins and pull tabs.Here is a pic of the screen shot.Good Hunting, Guitarman

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        WOW!  You are definitely trying to cherry pick with that much of your screen blacked out. Once you learn your tones and watch where your X is you will be able to open up a little more.    This is something I would use in a nice lawn so I didn't dig a lot of trash. This what is nice about the Explorer, you can adjust to where you are hunting.    Have fun 🙂  Starting to thaw out up here and I will have to get my old body out pretty soon. Gets a little tougher every year. I don't bend as good as I used to.

    • Tink, I opened up the zone a little.Going this evening, I will have to pay for parking.One Gold ring should cover it ! 😉[img][/img]

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        Yeah, I see you don't run in iron mask. That will change a lot of your settings. Just a lot of fun to play with a machine that is smarter than I am 🙂  I may get out this afternoon for a short hunt. Will post if I find anything.

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      Cool!  I may give that a try.  I'm about to do the Explorer 2 on my 8 inch dime tests videos.  I know I hunt open screen at the beach, but diggin' dirt around here, using a good cherry picking program would be a must.

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          I use iron mask to cover about 1/4 of the screen. Then I hunt in digital for grass lawns. Have to pass up some iffys but want to be able to come back  Got out for an hour today. Open fields have thawed. Only dug a nickel and a wheat, but for field hunting it lets me know I am in a hunting spot.  I was set up for the woods with a 5" coil but we still have a frost line there. Today started with a heavy frost, about 20 F but then warmed up and was beautiful. I think our season has started. We may get more snow but I don't think the ground will freeze again.

    • Glad you had a chance to Detect. Got to the beach about 5pm had to pay $2.50 for parking, found $2.25 .Best of it was a 1949 nickel[img][/img]

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        You almost paid for your parking LOL  If you are going to stick to WB you may have to meet someone there where you can park. Of course early morns and evenings are the best times anyway.    Hunting with the Explorer you really have to teach yourself to slow down. As they say - walk slow, swing slow. swing low, listen for the whispers.            KEEP IT FUN

    • Hi idoes anybody know if the CRABS site is down ? I tried log in today and got a 404 error ?

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