First beach hunt on Sunday.

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    • My son and daughter in law took us out for a run to do some shopping.Then also took us to the beach for a couple of hours.Man it was great to get to the beach again.We hunted for a couple of hours, but it was the wrong time of day.I got some exercise and zilch finds.Meanwhile on the other hand, Eileen got one single pound coin and a twopence piece.When I was finished I was covered in aches n pains.But it was a start.

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            WAY TO GO! Even if you don't find it is great just to be out and about. It will be the first week of Oct. before we do much hunting. I will be hitting it a little around here but just can't get down to dig right now. Looking forward to sand digging with a long handles scoop  😀  Glad you are feeling well enough to get out there.

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      That's a good start!  Getting out is over half the fun…even when nothing comes out of the ground.

    •   Hey Ian, soon you will be posting all your great finds but don't push it and heal up real good first.

    • Thanks for the encouragement guys.I know I've got a fair bit to go yet, before I can get back to normal.But it really was wonderful to get back out on the beach again.Looking forward to the next time.

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