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    • Got a new detector (just what I need) cause the price was right.  Got a Teknetics T2 after seeing in my latest copy of Western & Eastern that the list price was $499.  Thought it was a mistake but it was not.  This detectors list price a few yrs. back was around $800.  Don't know what is going on, could be Teknetics is trying to compete with the Makro Racer or they are trying to clearance them out but whatever the reason I thought the price was not to be past up.

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      Cool!  That is a steal.  These are indeed the “classic” T2's.  It's the same machine pre DST and boost mode.  I think it's priced to combat the new Detectors and counterfeiters too.

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            Good Detector. Really quick recovery time when hunting in discriminate. My Omega is deadly up here but I couldn't get it to stabilize to near the wet sand. Really light for hunting the dry sand and really screams out over good targets.                                    Have Fun.

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