Got in an early hunt July 4th.

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    • First location was a tot lot which didn't yield much.Then onto the first beach where I only found one stinkin' penny.We started on the next beach on a downer, but as time progressed we both hit separate hot spots.Unbelievably again we were pretty much a 50/50 score.Finished up a pair of happy bunnies with a couple of hot wheels and a joint clad total of £24:12 = $41:39.As it was very windy we had a nice picnic in the car before heading home.As usual we fell asleep after dinner but managed to wake up in time for Brazil V Columbia.Pics below.

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      Hey! Congrats on getting out and having a good hunt. Always like finding the little cars. We have not been hunting much so far this year- been extra busy. Hope to get started but now will have to compete with the snakes and bees  ???  We went from very cold to very wet and now hot. This has caused everything to be overgrown which makes detecting hard in the old logging sites. Looks like a lost year  here. I don't have too many more years to lose either  😀

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      Nice load of stuff there, Ian!  I'm hoping to get a couple of hunts in this upcoming week myself.  School just let out and I have chip bark calling my name! 

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