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    • These phones are seriously heavy duty.The company sources it's electrical components from the U.S.A.They're called Chefphones the model no. for mine is CP1 Black.The first thing I noticed, they really do cut the outside sound more than any others I've had before.The curly lead is separately replaceable with a 1/4" jack at each end one end right angled the other straight and is heavy duty too,the cable looks twice as thick as any other I've seen.Because of the sound deadening it seems to have a fantastic vol as well.The headband is also sturdy with no metal showing.

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      Wow!  I REALLY like the look and design of those…I wonder if there's a USA distributor?  How's the audio quality compared to others, Ian?

    • Sounds real good to me Mark.But we've not been out with them yet, just tried them with a few random foreign coins in the house.If either of us have them on standing next to each other it is very difficult to talk to whoever is using the phones.To hear Eileen I have to remove one ear.

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      To hear Eileen I have to remove one ear.

      Hey!  This could be marketed to ALL husbands!  Not just detectorists!  😉

    • Ha Ha.I tried them again since I only tried them on 2 tones before, which is how I usually have the F70 setup.I never liked the high tone on 3 tones, however I've now tried it on 3 tones and the high tone sounds a lot mellower.To me it used to sound like a high pitched squeak,but after that wee check I'll prolly start using the 3 tones now in disc mode of course.I believe he has customers in the states too, as well as the rest of Europe.He uses paypal for payment.I forgot to say he gives a lifetime warranty in the UK.

    • those are nice looking headphones. I see they ship anywhere in the world for a little over 5 pounds not bad. I don't know but they are already discontinuing the camo cp1 and went to the CP1 black.I think I will wait to see how they go keep me up to date

    • Steve, The CP1 is the newest model, not in full production yet.The woodland camo ones are just going into production now.Both are new models stepping up from previous models. 8) 8)

    • I like the look especially the camo ones. and the cheap shipping

    • I've met 2 or 3 guys with Minelab e-tracs who are using the very first ones he produced.The only thing I didn't like about them was the fact that the head band had bare metal showing.But the guys swore blind they were great headphones. 8) 8)

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