Got out for a hunt on Thu.

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    • We did a tot lot and 2 beaches.The tot lot was empty, man it's gettin' hit hard.However the beaches were more promising.The first beach looked as if the whole population had been playin' and walkin' on it.The hits were very few and far between, so much so it seemed as though we'd wore our legs down to little stumps.Every coin that came up for us was exceptionally crusty;we spent the bulk of the day at the first beach.Just as well since the second beach I got zilch and Eileen got 3 or 4 coins.At the end of the day we were pleased to have found the grand total of£11:57 = $18:90.Oh how I wished I’d taken my camera. But that’s just me, totally dis- organised.We had one of our most beautiful sunsets, the whole sky was  lit up in flame orange and the sea was the same.The surrounding scenery in silhouette was the most beautiful view. 8) 8)

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      Nice haul, Ian!  ^-^

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      Sounds like a good total to me. That is about my find for a weeks hunt at the beach this year  :-[

    • Even in places where there is a large student population,unfortunately the students now are not nearly so wild.Consequently there are less late beach parties and they'll be all inside and playin' computer games.  :'( :'(We can only hope for a few extreme heat waves throughout the year.  ;D ;D

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