happy 2014 is here

last yr. was very, very bad anyway I look at my finds, be it clad count, silver count or gold bling.  Just did not have the  time to get out, counting the days when I will semi-retire in April.  Instead of working 65 hr. per week between my two jobs I will most likely work around 40. It will seem like retirement.  Take my last hunt of the yr. as an example of how things went for me last yr.  With only a couple of days till the end of the yr. I decided to go out and add to my clad count, no grand thoughts of finding anything big.  Checked the batt. in my AT-Pro and headed out to a school only a couple of miles away.  Because the school was so close I only  took one detector, Wrong!  Got there and AT-Pro was acting nutty.  OH @##^&@* I thought to myself, just what I need, already lost my CZ6a earlier in the year, AT-pro no longer has warranty guess at this point I go home and grab another detector and hope Garrett will give me a break since I am a dealer.  grabbed my Explorer and headed back only to damage the screen on my Minelab with my Lesche digger.  Said a few choice words and headed home.  Should have stayed home.    P.S.  turns out my AT-pro is ok, needed new batt. but I did check them before heading out, honest I did.  How can batt. show almost a full load only to peter out a short while later.  The AT-pro did sit around for the longest time before I got around to using it.  Hope the new yr. brings my better luck.