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        I know you miss it – this looks just like the one I posted first of Dec. only this is Feb.

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      Wow!!!! I don't miss it THAT much!  😀  I would love to see a few flakes though…we usually get 1 or 2 quick snows a Winter here.  Snows, stays a few days and the melts away.  This year has been abnormally free of any frozen precip.

    • Ya sure got it good tink.We've only had a dusting a couple of times but the temps have been hovering around 0 c.But with bitter cold winds it's too cold to venture out.We've been toying with the idea of getting a couple of new detectors, namely the Nokta Macro Racer.  8) 8)But we're hanging off until we can see a couple of field tests.Their supposed to be on the market this month.

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        I like the looks of some of the new detectors and with the new electronics they have the jump on some of the ones I use but at my age I can't really justify buying one. I just got the CZ 21 and didn't really make much use of it at the beach.  I hope to hit some of the old swimming holes around here if it ever warms up  😀  We usually get snow on the ground by late Oct. and it stays until mid march on the open ground and later on the wooded sites. It hasn't been above freezing for quite some time. Supposed to warm a little tomorrow for snow, then be down to -15 F by the end of the week.

    • You and miss Mary stay in and keep tucked up.I think we're all waiting for the weather to break.

    • No snowman? lol….

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      No snowman? lol....  For some reason after shoveling every day I no longer want to play in snow - Of course my age has nothing to do with it  8)

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