how does Coinstar handle small size dollar coins?

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    • Just got back from beeping this morning and right now am having a cup of tea to get warmed up.  I have not counted my take yet ( it is at least $4. but could be up to $5.) but know I found 2 one dollar coins in the same hole.  These are the same size as the Sackajaweea (my own spelling) dollars but instead have a presidents pic on them.  No one wants these as change especially in the shape they came out of the ground.  SOO I am thinking of doing the Coinstar thing.  Since they are not as big as the old dollar coins and they pretty much ID the same as a quarter on most detectors will Coinstar short change me?

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      I don't know for sure if the coinstar will ID them right, however, the bank will swap 'em out, no problem. 

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        I agree with Mark – a bank would be my first choice.

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