How not to detect a beach.

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    • This guy is pretending to be a serious MD.I thought it was hysterical, you'll notice he doesn't stop at any time to check a signal.I wouldn't mind seeing all the guys on our beaches doing it this way.

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        I see a lot of hunters with that approach. They do really well on fresh drops and cover a lot of ground. They laugh at us for taking so much time to dig deep stuff. This style leaves a lot of stuff to keep Miss Mary and me busy when we get our time at the beach. That style doesn't work at all up here in the woods and hills.  ;D

    • LMAO! I dont know how that doofus finds anything… He swings his coil like a golf club, and about a foot off the surface too!

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      Definitely has the pedulum swing going on!

    • Of course I may be wrong.But, he just might be doin' air tests.  8) 8)Yeah Kenny, I reckon at it's closest point he was a foot off the ground.  ;D ;DI only take 6 inch steps to allow coil overlap, he looks to be missing 2 feet with every step. Ha Ha.

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