I am computer challenged

and paid the price last week.  Saw a Tesoro Stingray II on craigslist for a jawdropping price of $50.  looked dirty but not banged up.  I tried to contact the person pronto but there was no phone # given.  without a number I am pretty much lost, in the past I have tried contacting via email but craigslist wanted outlook express which I did not have.  This time I tried yahoo but got a response wanting me to open an attachment and verify something.  could not open any attachment.  wanted to scream!  Decided to see if someone could help me at work next day (Monday)Long story short, next day was surfing the web and went to Findmall's  Tesoro forum.  Saw I post by OhioMike saying something like  Hey guys look what I just got off Craigslist for $50 bucks. Everything works well etc.  Wanted to SCREAM