I have a question about MD forums

If this is a violation, please let me know.I was at TreasureNet, been a member since 06, and was in on the thread about the Ironclad Viking digger. The thread I was on was started in 2012. It was all about the trials and input for a member (Goldmoon) to make a MD digger that was a better tool than the Lesche. I posted a pic and link on this site. The guy that makes the Viking is a 8-5 working man who developed the Viking for himself. When some people saw it, they wanted him to make one for them. So he agreed to make 10 at a time, and sell them on EBay. When he went to TreasureNet and posted that they could buy one and gave the link, TreasureNet removed it and said he had to be a dealer to do so.Now it doesn't stop there. Goldmoon said he understood. Yet there are many links on TreasureNet where a guy has a buddy who will make a leather sheath for your Lesche/Pinpointer (a link is given), a magnifying glass/lanyard for Garrett/TRX Pinpointers (with a link), etc. Etc. People making accessories to make MDing a little easier. I went to Finds forum (a member since 06) and asked if the community thought it was fair. I said I understood the dealer involvement in helping forums financially, but were these weekend warrior really a danger to dealers. They sell one thing, and I'm sure dealers don't make their living on a Lesche. Plus you can see that the Viking costs almost twice the price of a Lesche making it a "specialized" digger, and not one directly competing with a Lesche.When I asked this question at Finds, they just removed it within an hour. No notice or reason to me. When do forums cross the line that it's more important to attempt to make you buy only what their dealers sell and not let information be posted of other possibilities that may exist? If someone came out with the best digger in the world for $10, should the forums keep it quiet to make you buy from "their" dealers? What ever happened to NEWS? And TreasureNet has been asking people to become Charter Members for $20 a year, with a perk being able to sell in their classifieds. Shouldn't this be enough for Goldmoon to sell his Viking?I know it's politics. But I don't care for limited freedom from commercialized control. It kills the little guy, and we should have a choice, not be directed by greed. If this post violates, remove it. I'm getting used to it.