I hit the magic 100 on Sunday.

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    • $100 that is.I went to a small seaside town for a busk.These little towns are far easier to park and find your way around than a city.I played outside a diner and was welcomed with open arms.They fed and watered me all day, along with an open invitation to return as often as I wished.My take for the day came to £62:12 = $103:00.See pic below.

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      Awesome!  Man…you make that look fun!  ;D

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      way to go. With that beard and hat you would fit right in with my crowd here. You still make more  money than us regardless what you are doing.  😀

    • Well Mark, if I didn't get any fun out of it I'm sure no-one else would.It's great to see all the smiling faces.Tink, it's only the exchange rate that makes our totals look good.Of course everything is more expensive here as well,probably because our population is much lower than yours and profit margins from the percentage of population.

    • you seem to have it all together, always great to do what you like and make some money doing it.  way to go!!  bet when you got home you had one of your famous onion & peanut butter sandwiches or whatever that sandwich is that you eat.  What was that sandwich, I forget?

    • Our favourite sandwich is cheddar cheese with sliced raw onions.  😀 😀The real fun starts when I'm counting up the take for the day.The pics are the glamorous bit of the job.  8) 8)The really hard part is loading and unloading the car, and I have to put in the hours at home on servicing, maintenanceand tuning.

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