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          When you have this in your back yard and the Brown Trout are feeding, it's a little difficult to leave the fly rod and dig holes  ;D

    • Wow I see what you mean.  As I recently got into sluicing for gold my first thought was to wonder if there was any gold in those streams.  Thanks for the pictures.

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        Had a detector friend up here who recently passed away. He had all the stuff for gold but went to North Carolina to hunt.  There are some up here who find traces in some of the mountain streams. No big mother lodes though

    • I know what you mean!  In Ohio it is mostly a social thing, a reason to play in the water, camp, sit around a campfire, eat pot luck etc.  In fact I would say that if you operated a dredge or high banker you are more likely to spend more in $ on gasoline than the dollar value of any gold you may find.

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      Beautiful place!  I don't blame ya…I'd be keeping a hook wet too!

    • Beautiful place your backyard tink.

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          HEY! Hi Ian – good to see you back on here. Hope you found a lot of bling on your trip. We just got to the beach 10/5/15 and I have had one short hunt. Poor old body is out of shape so will have to time myself or pay the price  😛  3 hrs today and am hurting  :'(

    • I know exactly how ya feel tink.For the moment 3 hours definitely hurts.The Cornish beaches really let us down this year.They weren't yielding at all this year, we put it down to not being able to drive to them when we wanted to.Our son and daughter in law drove us all the way down and home again, consequently we didn't want to ask too much of them.However I did manage to drive a go-cart in a race on two separate days. I did manage a fair performance and I really enjoyed it without any mishaps.I did discover my daughter in law can drive a go-cart with guts.I will as time allows, give you some bits n pieces over time.

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