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    • Hi Guys, This thing is way smarter than me. does anyone have a program/settings for this?Thanks, Guitarman

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        HEY MARK – Jump in here. I went from the XS to the SE and never tried the EX 2,Does this have iron mask. I run in iron mask on the beach. Manual sensitivity around 22 - 24. Go into menu and x out nails, pull tabs, screws. Check in jewelry, coins etc. I run this same setup in the old fairgrounds up here. I turn my iron mask down to about 1/4 screen.    This should give you a place to start. I run digital up here but smart screen on the beach. Also with the Explorer series you have to swing a lot slower than you do with other models. They hunt deep and slow.

    • I came up with this.

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        That is pretty close to what I run. Like I said – swing slow and listen for the really faint tones. You will be digging targets others have missed.

    • Thanks Tink 🙂

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      I'm late to the party!  Been sick with vertigo and couldn't take looking at screens.  Tinks set up looks a lot like what I did.  Sometimes I would run open screen and iron mask.  I would run sensitivity as hot as I could get away with for the site and day.  It didn't take long to ignore zinc pennies if I was tired of digging deeeeep holes!

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