Mon. 5th Jan 2015. Our first hunt of the year

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    • We went out at 09:00 and didn't get home till 17:30.It was comfortably warm after the first couple of hours, but there was a lot of heavy cloud. Fortunately it stayed dry all day and the temp reached 9c.As we suspected there wasn't much left to find, saw many dig holes some poorly filled and some not filled.I tried digging all foil signals for 2.5 hours in the hope, but it wasn't to be.We both walked for miles with very little to show for it except for some exercise and bending to get rid of my belly.I was so desperate I even dug a few very deep iron signals.Eileen must have been walking over the correct spots as she was shooting away ahead of me this time.But, I did manage to find a good spill near the end of the hunt which helped me greatly, she still beat me.However we were delighted to get a joint total which was more than we expected at;£7:82 = $11:91. It was great to get out again.Then we had a nice picnic before heading home.

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          You were down a little but HEY! you got out. Little chilly here for that now and calls for it to get colder. :'(  No detecting until Last of March maybe April.  Even on your bad days you put me to shame  ;D

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      Sounds like a lot of digging!!!  Good job!

    • Would ya believe it,I've still got an ache in my swingin' shoulder and another in my lower back.It's amazing how ya get out of condition when ya don't get out much.We've been getting sunshine and rain accompanied by bitter cold winds.It's normal for us but sometimes it does seem to go on forever.I can't wait for things to heat up a bit.

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          Hang in there Ian, only 3 more months and the ice will melt  😀 I have set up my second hobby for winter. Tying trout flies. Not too physical but it breaks up the cabin fever a little. A bit warmer here for today. 19 F already.

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