My best jewlery find

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    • Just trying to keep things going so while I was at the bank today I took out this ring out of the box and took a picture. This is my best water find ever,  It was in the middle of a lake nobody around. Nice thing about this is its like karma the next week a couple called me to help find a ring about a hr away went the and got too out on there big boat found the ring in 10 minutes it was pretty much just about the same as this one. They were so happy, just got married the week before and he was heading to Afghanistan the next week. Finding there ring even made my day.This ring I got is 18k and a beauty sorry the pictures are not the greatest. 

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      Nice looking ring. We sold most of our gold last year to pay for our trip to the beach. Didn't find any to replace it  :'(  Steveo - do you have a picture resizer. yours are coming through quite large.

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      NICE ring!  The gold and sparklies get the ticker thumpin'…that's for sure!  Glad you were able to find it for them…kind deeds have their own reward, that's for sure.

    • That does look like a very expensive ring.Man, I could survive on the cost of that for the rest of my life.A truly beautiful find Steve.

    • Thanks guys I knew that would get you going.As for picture size I don't know anything about resizer, They are small on my side

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      The forum software puts up a thumbnail pic and then they expand to original size when you click on 'em (or at at least it supposed to)

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