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    • Hi Guys ,I,m new to the site…moved over from Crabs.Guitarman

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      Welcome Guitarman…glad you made it over!  Feel free to post all you want to.  I may try to make a special CRABS sub forum if enough of y'all want one.  Mark

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          Hey Guitarman – welcome to the site. Lets encourage more action here. It was good to see you on the beach. That was a nice looking cross you posted.

    • Hi guitarman,I wish you a warm welcome to detectorstuff.comWe look forward to seeing some posts from you and anyone else you can muster up. HH.

    • Going to return the class ring this weekend.

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        Hey Guitarman.          That ring cleaned up nice. You are officially a beach hunter with all the bling you have been finding.      That little class ring I discovered in my pouch is a ladies ring from Wake Forest. The writing on the inside is so tiny I will have to have a pro look at it before I can return it. 2010 so it isn't very old.    Miss Mary is still working on it to clean it up.      Keep swinging and posting - see you on the sand.

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      Cool!  Good job returning the ring!

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