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    Do any of you have specific detecting goals this year?  One of mine is to try and finally get a coin from the 1700's.

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    Aside from wanting to find as much old silver coins as I can and wanting to beat my clad count from 2015 I want to find more Rings.  Plan to do a better job at going after bling in 2016.

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      I just want to be able to keep on detecting. Dirt digging is getting tougher on my old body so I just hope to squeeze one day at a time.  Silver coins are becoming harder to find in my old haughts and the new areas take a bit of walking so this winter I will be hitting the tread mill.  1841 is my oldest silver in a while.

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    No. 1 priority is to get driving again.Which would enable us to get exercise and detecting at ourvarious beaches.Hopefully the bonus would be a bit of extra spending money.

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