Nice early morning hunt with bonus pendant.

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    • This time one beach only.We started at 04:15 about 45 miles down the road the first couple of hours were really slow.I thought we'd made a mistake goin' to this beach today,but when we eventually started hittin' targets it was lookin' good.Our clad total came to 76 coins for £23:01 = $39:02.We came home happy but tired.A wee bonus was a heavy nickel plated pendant which I thought may have been African.It's got a 3/16" hole from side to side I suspect it was secured by a leather tie strap.Then I thought possibly Native Australian but no joy there either.The only other country I thought it might be, Hawaiian. Anyone got any idea? Here's a pic of it.

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      I do not have a clue what that is…but it's cool!

    • congrats on another great hunt.  cool pendant no matter where it comes from.

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      Don't recognize the pendant but congrats on another good hunt.

    • Well I found out what it was, it's a Thor's hammer which is the Scandinavian god of thunder n lightening and most of the symbols are from Scandinavian Celtic.But it also has a dark side.Seemingly it's used by hate groups and had been adopted by the Nazi's.At the bottom each side is the number 8, which is a code for HH meaning Heil Hitler.According to what I can find out it's used in letters to Nazi friends, using just the number twice after the signature.Not the sort of thing either of us would wear.Pity because it's actually quite a nice looking thing.

    • don't go over to the dark side!  I would not keep it

    • We once found a witchcraft/occult thing. >:( >:(From the day we found it things started going wrong for us.Household things breaking down, and just a continuous run of bad luck.Things improved drastically after I chucked it. 8) 8)I never ever believed in that type of thing until then.

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        I have found in my lifetime that there are many unexplainable things. Some can be very weird and even scary. Have lived in some houses that caused me to listen to every little sound and often made the hair on my neck stand up. I can say I don't believe in ghosts but sometimes I wonder  😀 😀

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