Nice little find

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      This little gem kept falling through the scoop. When I finally picked it up I was going to throw it but then saw the mark on the back – don't really know what I have yet.

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      Some other views  Just learning how to work the new site  😛

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      Very nice!!!

    • Nice find, I cannot believe that you haven't had it tested yet it would be killing me not to know. I found a nice looking one too this summer, but I use the Titanic water scoop which has a screening area to find them small targets that get away.It looked really good to me but when I got home I tested it and was just a cz guess I will just have to give it away.I will post a picture later

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      Yeah – But if I have it tested then I have nothing  😀 This way I just keep wondering 😛

    • It looks like an ear stud with the pin missing.You've got a point there tink, about not getting it tested. 8) 8)

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