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      Well, as a retiree, I've been looking for places to trim the ol' financial portfolio.  (…portfolio for me is basic bills, like food, entertainment, power, etc.).One place I've discovered is TV.  I LOVE good TV and movies...but I did some realistic analysis of what do I get from Direct TV (or Dish, for that matter).  The answer was...not too much.  I mainly watched college basketball and stuff from network tv.So...I decided to go old school and bring back antennas!  Since the federal mandate to "go digital" for local broadcasters, the HD quality and number of channels available via the airwaves has skyrocketed.  I live in a rural area so still have to go for high efficiency antennas mounted outside to get all the networks I want, but heck...once I buy the stuff once, I'm done!  No more monthly satellite bills!So...I am installed 2 long range UHF antenna's on a 30 foot mast aimed at all the primary networks.  I also purchased a device called Tablo ( ) that lets you record over-the-air TV like you would with cable or satellite.  You can then stream it over your home network and watch anywhere/anytime!  Cool stuff!Between this and using Netflix, Hulu plus and Amazon Prime...I'm covered for entertainment without breaking the bank. 

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        I know what you mean. Our cable is more than our water-sewer-garbage and the shows are not worth watching. Miss Mary uses the TV as noise background so I face opposition for any change  :'(  We have been on fixed income for about 15 yrs and have managed so far. We do have a budget we "try" to go by  😛   All of life is a learning curve - fun isn't it  😀

    • We have been on a fixed income for 16 years and we did have to really tighten our belts.At the moment for our cable TV, Phone, and internetwe pay £62.00 = $93.29 a month.We never eat out, never go to the cinema or never go to a pub.Our entertainment is beach detecting and from time to time I take out the organ out for a blast. ;D ;D

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