Our anniversary hunt.

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    • We were raring to go this Monday as we always have an anniversary hunt and this was it.Sing along now; we've been together now for 45 years and it don't seem a day to much. etc. etc.Words of a well known London cockney song.Well we worked enthusiastically for a couple of hours each and neither one of us got a single find.So onto the next beach which was a bit kinder to us, then on to our favourite winter beach.At the end of our hunt we were quite happy to come home with not a lotof coins to show for it, and something shiny for Steveo. (Celtic style)

    • I did try to sing but I got lost at least I tried. I really Like that shinny Celtic Christmas tree ornaments

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      Nice bunch of targets. I am really getting the itch but we have another big storm coming.   The temperature is staying down even during the storms so the ground will have to wait for the thaw to remove the snow before I can even hunt the low lands  :'(  Keep posting your hunts and finds - helps to break up my cabin fever. 😀  Congrats on your special day. Not too many make 45

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      Nice, Ian!  I'm ready get the coil moving myself…getting a little stir crazy.

    • hmmmm…..ive been married close to 15 and it seems like 45!  ??? ;Dnice huntin and congrats!!!chuck.

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      Ours will be 49 in July and she is my pardner in just about everything. We do the ministries of the church together and of course the trip to the beach highlights our year.

    • Well done tink.We've obviously got a bit of catching up to do. 🙂 🙂

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