Our first hunt of the year.

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    • Well, the temp said 4 -7c but it felt much colder since we had an accompanying cold wind blowing about 30-40mph.First beach was a total loss and we spent too much time there.But the second beach gave us a bit of encouragement after we had a hot cup of coffee.Unfortunately the tide came in too quick for us, forcing us off the beach before we could get it all done.The beach had been stripped down a good 10 yards off it's height,so we both concentrated on the first 20 feet below the cut.It turned out not so bad after all, so much so we're going back tomorrow again.Our joint total for the day came to £5:69 = $9:35.We think there's more to get there yet. ;D ;D

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      Way to stick with it. You still find more on a bad hunt than I do on a good one  ;D  Good to see someone hunting and posting. We are in for a cold spell so it will be a while before I do much of anything  :'(

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      Sounds like a good hunt to me!  Glad you got out for a bit.

    • you did well we got some beaches here if you find one penny you feel lucky,

    • Thanks for the kind comments, and encouragement guys.Believe me, we need the encouragement at this time of year. 😉 😉

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