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    • Falls on the 2nd fortnight in Sept.Due to our short hunts this year, we're hoping to get a lot of hunting time in  when we're away.But due to not being able to drive legally, John my son and his wife Vikki will be coming too.We are hoping they will drop us off at the beach each morning,before heading to where they wish to go to.There are two beaches very close which would make it easy for us to get home each day.Hopefully with some loot each day.

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        Sounds like a plan. When will you be able to drive again? Each state here has different rules for after a stroke so it keeps everyone guessing. God Bless

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      I hope you have a good time!  Let us know how those new detectors do.

    • We are gonna have to learn them all over again.But we're really gonna enjoy it.Tink it usually takes around a year after a stroke.

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        Glad you are getting around – Have fun at the beach. We hope to be there in about a month.

    • Hey IAN, glad you and your better half are getting out and using your new machines.  God Bless

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