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      When you are using a metal detector and use the Sensitivity control, do you prefer:

      • You can turn it all the way up without much noise or instability
      • You can make it all the way up at most sites before it gets noisy

      I'm in the 2nd group, myself.  I like to know I'm close to unstable but just on the good side.  Some people prefer the detector "stable" all the way to the limit of the control.What do y'all think?

    • I'm an oddball.I'm in  both categories depending on the mood I'm in.Although I prefer it to be stable most of the time.If I'm not getting much hits I tend to push everything up,until I can't stand it any longer. ::) ::)

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        The chatter gets to me after awhile. I use the meter for ID most of the time so can hunt through the noise but do believe some deep quiet signals are lost when running too hot. I run a little higher than norm on old school grounds, or fairgrounds that have been hunted hard. The extra depth has given me some silver coins that have been passed over in earlier years.  I meet some on the beach that run their detectors at max sensitivity but this is way too unstable for me to enjoy. The idea behind the top of the line was to give a detector that could be used on the beach and be stable. I don't understand the reasoning behind running it unstable??

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      Actually, this is mainly about the design of the sensitivity control.  Do you want to reach the end of the scale and be noisy or still quiet.  For example, say the control can go from 1 – 10 (with 10 being “maxed out”).  Would you want to start hearing “noise” and being chattery at numbers 9 or 10 or do you want it being quiet all the way to the end of the scale.I think it's a psychological thing.  Some go "wow! I can run it maxed out and it stays quiet!" vs. "It starts getting chattery around a setting of 8 or 9".  Some people feel like something is wrong if they can't hit the end of the scale.Does this make sense to everyone?

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      Yeah I see what you are saying Mark Do we want the design to stay within the stable or do we want to control it. I think I want the control because I hunt in so many types of soil. It would be difficult for me to trust my detector under some of the situations.  The SE tops out at 31 but a lot of places I am around 15 which is the factory setting. I do hunt in manual and on the beach I am quite often around 22 but seldom higher.  I like the idea that I have the choice of going higher even if it chatters  8)

    • I like the fact that I can control how quiet or chattery the detectorwill be under any given conditions.

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