Slow Beach This Year

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        Spent about 40 short days on the beach this year. Bad back made for short hunts.Beach was sanded in most of the time but it was good getting out. Pretty bleak butgot some clad and odds and ends. No gold for the 2nd year in a row  :'(  $38.45 in clad  245 pennies    some cars  😀

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      Looking good!  That's a lot of digging.  I bet you were sore at first!

    • Hi Tink, Made it over to the site. I bought a used Explorer 2.Man this thing has too many options. i keep grabbing the Safari and leave the  Explorer on the shelf.

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        Hey Guitarman – Mark and I have both used the Explorers so if you want some hints just post your questions. I jumped from the XS to the SE but they are pretty much alike.

    • congrats Tink, always great getting out and getting some fresh air.  Never used the Safari, Explorer 2, XS or SE.  Still use the original Explorer and it is still my go to machine when I get serious about looking for old silver.  Everyone have a safe and happy new yr.

    • Nice ta cya getting out tink.I'm sure you enjoyed your time on the beach just the same.Ya can be sure when it's sanded in your not gonna get the same amount of stuff.It was the same on our vacation. (sanded in)So we did more of the tourist thing instead.

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        Hey Ian – Good to hear from you. Hope things are looking up for you. been a little slow around the site and now I am froze in so won't be hunting either. Nice today but calls for a major snow storm in a short while.    beach was slow this year, then in the middle of our trip, happenings at home caused us to make a trip back. We went back to the beach but the extra travel bothered my back so my detecting was cut short. This old age isn't what it should be.  🙁

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