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    • at the first meeting I looked around and saw a bunch of old Geezers ( including myself ).  out of the eight present only two were younger.  What has me most concerned is a couple of those present were in a club before but this club saw nothing wrong with hunting where they didn't belong.  Guy told stories of how they went on Night Raids and used walkie talkies etc.  I want no part of this!!!  It is my hope that they have changed as they are much older now.  Time will tell. 

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      Be careful. We are losing to many places to hunt because you have guys that are slob hunters. Always ask permission and leave the ground looking like no one has been there.  I realize you know this but it is always good to emphasize this as a club.

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      NP, that is the kind of stuff that is fueling the anti-metal detecting laws out there.  Maybe there should be some sort of ethics sign off sheet for joining clubs?  It's sad when folks don't see anything wrong with doing something that obviously bad!

    • Ouch,I'm sorry to hear about your dilemma NP.I agree with tink and Mark.So the founding member deserts the club, taking the two younger ones with him hoping to teach them right from wrong.Nothing for it but to move to another state.Aaw man that's real sad, I can't believe there are not more younger folks just started in the hobby looking for hints n tips.

    • Thanks guys,  will have to have a heart to heart talk and make it clear that sort of thing is not ok.  wouldn't it be a pi$$er if the guy that started the club walks away from it.

    • The only other thing you can do is to post a copy of thedetectorists code of ethics.You must insist that all members should adhere to the same.Maybe the older guys will come to their senses.

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