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    • Okay you guys must be wondering what we're playing at here.Well, before Eileen's Racer came back repaired,I bent down to tie a shoelace and cracked a rib.The pain was excruciating, but it's easing off somewhat.Just gotta be careful at the moment.So needless to say, no detecting yet at least for another couple of weeks.

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        WOW! Sorry to hear that Ian. Some of the younger guys will wonder how that could happen but they will come to the day when tying shoes takes some planning. Hope you heal up in good shape. It has taken me 3 wks to get my beach legs this year – probably be in shape to detect about the time to go home  :'(    So far haven't found any bling but getting some fresh air. Keep us posted

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      I've had bruised ribs but never broken…I hear it's excruciating pain!  Hang in there! 

    • Thanks guys.Although even if I was ok, we still can't get out on the beachesto hunt as I still can't drive my car yet.Thinking of getting in touch with the hospital to try and get a cancellation once my rib is ok.That's where you go for a driving assessment.

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