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      Hey folks…I am moving to a new house around Oct. or November.  I, unfortunately, will have to dig up my well aged test garden!  I was wondering if I did a video comparing detectors & their ID on the coins as I dig 'em?  Would that be interesting to y'all?

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        Sounds like a plan. I never really got into the test garden type thing. I quite often will hunt the same ground with two or three machines to see how each one works but other than that I pretty much learn on the fly.  I air test every once in a while to check a machine out that I have been using to see if the settings stay the same. Sensitivity will creep on the best of them and of course ground balance can be tricky.  A video would be interesting.  Have fun moving - we have been looking at down sizing but BOY! A lot of changes to do.

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      Luckily I'm only moving a 1/4 mile away!  Still on the farm, but we are building our permanent home finally.  We've been living in a double wide mobile home for about 28 years or so.  We've been saving and juggling to get the money to build.  I plan to rent our current home, so I need to dig up the ol' test garden!  Interestingly, I've probably tested 40 or 50 detectors on this garden over the years.  Every prototype I was honored to test and every traded detector was judged based on discrimination on known “bad” targets and coins.  I have some lead there too.  I'll try to get it lined up and do some video using a BUNCH of different detectors...especially on the deep silver dime.

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