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    • I will reluctantly renew my sub to Western & Eastern Treasures.  The price is getting up there  12 issues $33.00 or 24 issues $58.00.  I guess if you divide $58 by 24 it comes out to $2.41 per issue, not bad when you consider the mag has to eat the postage.  Still to me $58 is not chump change.  Had LOST TREASURES mag at one point but dropped it because I prefer W&E and didn't want to spend the money.  If I were smart I would subscribe in the name of GRAND SWEEP DETECTORS and claim it as a business expense.Who here on this forum gets any of the treasure mags?

    • We don't get any MD'n mags.I don't really want to read about someone else finding several million pounds worth of anything.I'd prefer not to know, that way I don't know what I'm missing.I like it like that.I get all my info from forums and you tube.I quite enjoy watching other beach hunters finding much the same as we do.Simply because I believe I'll never find a really big one.We live in a poorish area and the temps are never exactly mind blowing.Consequently we're happy to pick up as much clad as we can, and if we happen upon a piece of jewellery it's a bonus but it won't be mind blowingly expensive.But we always live in hope.

    • Ian, your treasure is spending time with Eileen.  God bless

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      Years back I used to dig through the mags. but this area has a lot of old mining towns and logging camps so I   usually just spend time in them until the bugs and snakes get to bad. Then I hit the old parks and swimming holes. Our area has a lot of old fair grounds that have been hunted hard but the Minelabs go deep enough to give me new finds - if I want to dig that deep  😛  I'm with Ian - I watch the sites to see what is going on. There are a lot of good videos showing different styles and different machines used.  Come October Miss Mary and I hit the beach for a month of daily detecting. Probably get more hours in then than many do all year.   We just try to keep it fun

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      I have some back issues of a few…however, I don't subscribe these days.  A little too pricey.

    • I get western & eastern and lost treasures and American digger. are all wrote off as Deerfield  Detectors

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      American Digger is a cool one…I met those guys when Tony NC and I were hunting some sites near his neck of the woods.

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