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    • Just saw a TV ad by an insurance company ( believe it was Farmers ) that had me laughing at first but had me give it a second thought.  It showed a metal detectorist scanning his detector over a sleeping man on the beach.  The man sleeping just happened to be wearing a big fat gold chain.  Next thing you see is the detectorist yanking the gold chain off the sleeping man and high tailing it.  Got to thinking about it and realized  that all to often we are thought of as weird, losers, nerds, goofy etc. but now are shown as being greedy and dishonest.  maybe I am making to big of a deal out of this but can not help feeling we don't need this kind of image.  anyone else see this commercial yet?

    • yes I seen the ad look very bad there has been some stink made to that insurance company they don't care

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      Yeah I saw the ad and didn't like the picture it painted. Trouble with complaining- they just like the idea it is getting attention because that is their reason for having ads.

    • That's not good for our image.It's really an ad in very poor taste.At least when our companies use a metal detectorist in their ads,it's done with good humour.

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      I haven't seen that one…sounds like another blow to the hobby.  I looked around on Youtube to find it and post it here but haven't come across it yet.

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