Vacation hunting

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      Hey folks, did some vacation detecting at the beach last week…sanded in bad!  Fresh drops were all I could manage.  Nothing too exciting this year, unfortunately.  Dry sand micro-jewelry hunting with the G2 produced lots of tiny odds and ends that could have been small gold, but weren't.  The G2 will get it for sure…if it's there.Lots of clad coins...sunglasses, etc.Ton of fun to get the toes in the sand for a week!

    • I'll bet ya had a great time swinging in the sand.It's nice ta cya gettin' out for a hunt.The tides are a bit of a lucky bag when your on vacation,I hope it's not sanded in when we get there.We've had a lot of rain in the last 2-3 weeks,so we haven't been gettin' out as much as we'd like to.I can't even get out busking with the organ either.Our vacation starts on Friday 12th Sept for two whole weeks.We have a different plan for the Cornish beaches this year,it should be much more cost efficient and not so tiring. 8) 8)

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      Way to get out there Mark. We are in count down but it will be the middle of Oct. before we can swing it. Once we get there it doesn't really matter if we hit gold or not but we will be looking  😀  Still thinking of getting a CZ 21 Have you ever used one?

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