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    • We decided ta do 4 tot lots.I have to say every one of them had been hammered before we got to them.Some of the holes we found would get all of us banned from them.So as well as our own hunt we had ta fill in all those stinkin' holes.Most of our finds were well clear of the various pieces of equipment.After a long weary night our joint total came to £13:52 = $22:79.Not our most productive night, but at least we didn't come home empty handed.

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      Whew….4 tot lots! that's some serious hunting!  Congrats on the great totals again.

    • congrats on your hunt!  You guys did the right thing by filling in those holes but it is still upsetting to have idiots swinging a detector and giving us all a bad name.

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      Congrats on your hunt. Always hate to see holes but you almost have to fill them or risk losing a hunting spot. Good job Ian even if your total was down some.

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