Very quiet 4 hour hunt today and a record.

We did two beaches today and they were both very reluctant to give up some finds.Yet again it was a bitter cold wind maybe 15-20 mph.However with our new headphones we managed to get 17 coins between us.I got two separate targets at a record depth today, the first one was a cupro-nickel 10 pence piece about the same size as your modern Quarter.The second one was a 50 pence piece hex shaped coin cupro-nickel as well but a bit bigger.This is where my record depth came in, I wouldn't have believed it if  I hadn't dug and measured them myself.First time ever 16 inch coin targets twice. OK it was in dry sand, but I was absolutely thrilled. Our meagre total for the hunt was 17 coins for £7:36 = $12:29.