We are going hunting tomorrow.

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    • Well guys, we've been stuck in the house for 3-4 weeks now.Yay the tide is right and it's to be cloudy but fair and the temp is 4 - 7c.It feels like months since our last hunt.We're not expecting much as the weather hasn't even been good enough for folks to go beach walking.However it'll get us moving again and give us a little practice,we should get about 6 hours at it.  🙂 🙂I seem to have developed callouses on my rear end,  ???  ??? with all the sitting around.We're really looking forward to it even if we only get a penny each.

    • good luck find anything and it will make me proud of you, we are frozen down 3 feet so no detecting for a while

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      Hang in there…we have great hunting weather right now.  I'm just fighting for some time out of the  office!  I'm also waiting for the deer hunters to get out of the woods!

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      Sounds like fun to me. We are supposed to get hit with a major snow storm over the next two days and like Steveo we already have a deep frost line. Usually around April before we can get serious about detection. :'(

    • I hear that you guys are suffering some with Polar conditions.It seems there's a big freeze there right now.We hope your all keeping inside and warm until the conditions ease. 🙁 🙁

    • Yes its cold here we have been having January and February weather since beginning of December. cannot wait to see what the weather will be in a couple of weeks. Staying warm inside 72 degrees for now, hope the heat keep running

    • Eileen keeps pressing me to do the tot lots but in order to do them, we have to leave the house at around 2 – 3 or 4 in the morning and it's usually too cold for me.So at the moment we're arguing about what the best thing to do is.I say beaches for the meantime until it warms up a bit.Due to the arguing, we're missing days when we could have been out.Our biggest problem at the moment is wind chill. 🙁 🙁

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      2 in the morn is way to early even for fishing  8)  That wind can take the fun out of most anything. We are starting to have some warm days as we head in to our mid-winter thaw but not enough to get detecting. Next week it will be heading back down as the cold settles in again. Keep posting as it gets my heart pumping.  Have fun - listen to your lady

    • We lost a beautiful day today. It rubs us so much we've decided to hit a city beach tomorrow.Our weather forecaster's never seem to get it right.

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      We have a warmer day forecast this coming Monday. 2nd hobby will take over as we will probably head for a limestone creek for trout fishing  😀  Ground is frozen so we still can't do any detecting.

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