We both enjoyed our hunt today.

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    • We started our hunt at 12 midday.  There was quite a gale blowin' but it didn't really matter as we were well happed up.We noticed straight away that the dunes had been hammered to bits with the wild tides we've been gettin' recently.The first third of the beach closest to the town was very quiet indeed even in slow mode. But when we got to the second third of it where the dunes start, things changed.  We were both gettin' hits one after the other and kept goin' till there was no more, and by that time the tide really was racing in.After 3 hours we were forced to leave because of the tide, but we really enjoyed the time we had. We rounded it off by having a nice picnic in the car since it was too windy outside. No pics today it was too windy, but you’re not missing much as it's only clad.Our joint total came to £11:74 = $19:30. 🙂 🙂

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      Hey that is great you got out. Pretty good total for a short hunt. Will be a while for us yet. A little warmer for us today but return of cold is in the forecast,  Ground is still frozen down pretty deep so it will take some warm rain to get us hunting - I can go fishing though  ;D

    • its good that you got out to enjoy yourselves. Thanks for the updates, go find something really shinny

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      Sounds like fun!  Glad you got out for a bit.

    • Thanks again for the kind comments guys.  8) 8)I'm sure you guys will make up for the downtime at the first opportunity.

    • Yea I have been in contact with some of my people in other states but they are froze too whats a guy to do but wait

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